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We carry all the top of the line products for your pet.  From feeding your pet to treating your pet for fleas and/or heartworms, our products are given with the guarantee that the products are safe.  We feel that your trust and confidence in our products are just an additional step we take. 
With your trust we have expanded the option to order some prescriptions online.  Instead of using a "box" online company we would rather you purchase directly from the distributor that we use to order our products.  Many of the products from other online companies WILL NOT be guaranteed by the manufacturer and/or manufacturer coupons CAN NOT be used. 
We are always looking for ways for YOU, our friend and client to save money for your family member.  Please set up your online portal by clicking the icon above. 
AS always, if you ever have questions or concerns on ANY of our products, please let us know.  ALL our products come back with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and are backed by the manufacturer. 
1 month flea/tick tablet
3 month flea/tick tablet or topical 
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