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Wellness Exams  -  Comprehensive exams with advice on health maintenance.  Complete diagnostic laboratory, ECG, and X-rays are available tailored to the needs of the animal.

Spay & Neuter - We highly recommend spaying and neutering at the age of 6 months. 

Emergency Care - We refer all our emergency and overnight care to The Tyler Small Animal Emergency Clinic (click hyperlink for directions).
Vaccinations - We carry a full line of professional quality vaccines for the protection of your pet.  Vaccines purchased from any other source than a licensed veterinarian jeopardizes the immune competence of your pet and is discouraged. 
Surgery - Our experienced and licensed veterinarians can provide surgical care for routine procedures. Some of the other procedures routinely performed are anterior cruciate ligament repair (ACL), anal sacculectomy, medial patella subluxation repair, simple fracture fixation.
Complete in-house laboratory services - Our laboratory contains the latest technology in laboratory equipment.  Same day laboratory results for diagnostic tests (parvovirus testing, feline luekemia/AIDS testing, lyme disease, and other organ-specific in-house analyses).
Coggins testing lab - Our clinic has an on-site lab for testing Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA).  Director, Beverly Dow, can perform testing with same day results for area veterinarians. 


Microchip Services - Implanting a microchip for identification is essential for the return of your
pet.  So many times pets are lost and have lost their collars and ID's in their journey.  Microchipping is a safe and effective way to indentify your pet  If the pet has a HomeAgain microchip tag, you can look up the owner via the website at
Grooming - It is important to groom your pet from time to time (even if they have short hair) to prevent coat-related problem areas, and keep your pet comfortable. Michael Acosta will take the time necessary to groom and pamper your pet.  He is experienced in many breeds.
Dental care - Most clients do not realize that this is an important area in maintaining their pets health.   Dental neglect may promote other problems over time which can lead to heart disease.  During the wellness exams, these areas are often diagnosed.  Dental disease is a preventable problem and early detection can help your pet to live a long and healthy life.
Radiolographs (X-rays) and Electro Cardio Gram (ECG) ​- AHL has the ability to perform routine digital x-rays for defining serious issues that may arise.  As your pet begins to age,  it is often necessary for your pet to have an ECG to identify areas in the heart that have problematic symptoms.   

Boarding - Our boarding facilities feature inside climate-controlled runs and spacious cages for small dogs and cats. We also offer "2-story cat condos" for the more adventurous cats.  We have a backyard for your pet to play and feel secure inside and out.  Our concrete runs are easily sanitized to maintain a clean and disease -free environment for the well-being of your pet.  Our staff attends to their every need while boarding at AHL.  We take great pride in helping your pet adjust to the time away from you ! See pictures
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